Recently, the wonderful (and dedicated) Becks Kobel from Washington State, a death positive genealogist (and historian), asked Italian genealogists to name their surnames, noting that she was working “on an Italian line.” Many people, whether family historians like Chris Russo, Josh, Wendy L. Callahan, Renee Pizzo, Ina Neugebauer, Zoe Krainik, Ashley Senske, and Chris Ferraiolo, professional genealogists like Derk Doran Wood, and other individuals (Olivia Meikile, “Ms Redacted,” and Florian Straub) shared their surnames. But, for me, the idea to create this blog was born, along with the sharing of various resources on immigration in the 20th century (see here, here, and here), writing that “I’ve been thinking abt a new genealogy blog that focuses on my dad’s side of the family, including one on my Italian ancestors.” This is that blog! I’ve already briefly mentioned this before on Twitter, noting how “my great-grandfather worked on the S.S. Grand View Point Hotel (otherwise known as the Ship Hotel) with an Emilio Rosso,” adding that “it’s so important there us [sic] even a Wikipedia page on it (which I made extensive edits too, of course).” I’ve also tweeted a photograph of my ancestor, Annetta Rose “Nita” (or “Anita”) Baccarini, who was born December 20, 1909 in Kiskiminetas Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, and went to college. However, her life was short-lived as she died on August 31, 1932 in Avonmore, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, of pneumonia, after she had graduated, at the age of 22! Here’s the photograph:

I then shared a photo of my grandmother, Lena Adelaide (Franci) Hermann (1922-2005), who was 100% Italian, considered “second-generation” (I’ll talk about that in a later post) and sent the following photo to my grandfather when he was building bridges in the Republic of Korea (ROK) in 1946-7:

And with that, the blog is off!